Diana Pierce

In the words of the artist, Diana Pierce:

“Hi, my name is Diana Pierce and this is my story of how my love for art began.

“Early in my younger life I began drawing flowers in my Mother’s backyard. I loved the solitude and the joy of creating art. When I entered high school I knew I would be taking art classes. Little did I know my teacher, Mr. Costa, would be so talented and passionate about the world of art. He guided us through the how and the why to accomplish unique techniques and introduced us to all kinds of work: seascapes, landscapes, still lifes and, oh yes, portraits. I soon gravitated to ethnic faces as they seemed to pull me into their world and so I found my passion.

“Although I primarily work with watercolors I also work in pastel, color pencil, pin and ink and graphite. Watercolor is my medium of choice, however. I love layering the transparent colors to accomplish the look and feel of texture.

“When I moved to Oregon after having raised a family and retiring from a career job, I quickly found a wonderful group of artists and began having fun being creative once again. Five years ago I found my way to our little community here in Rio Vista and again met a network of wonderful artists which has given me the opportunity to work on two murals in our town, getting involved in doing pottery, and, oh yes, painting a sheep named Sassy.”